I did all the production sound, audio editing, repair and mixing for this five part documentary series on Bill Laurance, two-time Grammy award winning Pianist, Composer and Producer, and original member of the internationally acclaimed Snarky Puppy. Having topped the iTunes jazz charts, Bill reveals how he goes about writing his unique music, the varied keyboards he uses on his albums, his career with Snarky Puppy, and his philosophy on music.
Chapter 1 - The Writing Process In this chapter Bill describes his introduction and experiences with music, his creative and writing process behind his songs and the different inspirations that come about when writing them.
Chapter 2 - Too Many Keyboards In this chapter, Bill takes us through the different keyboards and synthesisers he uses, both for studio and live applications. With a varying collection of analog and digital gear, Bill requires a vast array of sounds in order to achieve his desired outcome.
Chapter 3 - Snarky Puppy In Chapter 3, we get a look into how Bill became a member of Snarky Puppy, an insight into what goes on backstage at one of their shows and how they feel about playing with one another.
Chapter 4 - The Making of Aftersun In this chapter, Michael League and Robert 'Sput' Searight discuss the processes when working on Bill's new album, 'Aftersun,' including conceptual ideas, pre-production and capturing the 'trio' sound.
Chapter 5 - Finding A Voice In Chapter 5, Bill discusses establishing a voice of his own, and finding a distinctive sound that he inaugurates through his music.
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