I had the pleasure of writing the music for this short film from EGAD Animations entitled 'Wilder Life'. This film is about a young flamingo called Maisy who refuses to conform to everyday life of the other flamingos, she doesn't want to eat normal shrimp and become pink, so goes on an adventure to find new foods and colours. The instrumentation was inspired and guided by the location of the film, Kenya. As a result, various world music instruments were used such as the Kora, Balafon, Marimba, Djembe and Bongos. The combination of these with lush, underlying ambient pads (created through simple piano sounds and manipulated through sampling and use of reverb, delay and other modulation sources) created a native child-like audio narrative that the directors and myself were really happy with. It's been nominated for a number of festivals: British Animation Awards - Shortlisted Blackbird Film Festival - Best Animation and Sound Design Beer Town Film Festival Fantoche Animation Festival - Best Kids Short Anim!Arte Brazil - Best International Animation I really hope you enjoy!
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